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Granite Bay, CA, February 7, 2017:

Instagraphics Academy is the new graphic design business academy with a plan to empower graphic designers. Most graphic designers graduate college in debt for a degree that has not equipped them to meet their potential. Instagraphics Academy provides an online education to help graphic designers create their own prosperous business.

With the average graphic designer with a college degree making around $40k per year, something is broken. With this new graphic design video training course, designers will be taught how to turn their skills into $100k per year or more. Through video training, course quizzes and consistent competitions with classmates, designers are prepped on how to run their own business.

The Instagraphics Academy is about much more than just perfecting graphic design skills. This is a complete education that teaches students how to market and use designing as a tool to create wealth. This graphic design business training provides graphic designers to build their career for the long term. The course covers everything from internet marketing for graphic design, to training on how to serve high- quality clients.

This is the program that will help unlock the potential that every graphic designer holds to determine their own future. Instagraphics Academy makes it easy to register and you can get more information by contacting them at This course is hands on, with live Q & A sessions and an exclusive member Facebook group.

Many graphic designers are stuck in 9-5 jobs for corporations that do not value their skills. Instagraphics Academy is the tool that designers can use to build their own business and make more than double their current salary. This is the future of the graphic design industry. There has never been a tool this accessible that has this many tangible benefits for graphic design experts.

Instagraphics Academy Press Release (PDF)